Chiropractic for Animals

When to seek
Chiropractic treatment for your animal?

Like humans animals can have back or neck problems and as with humans chiropractic can often help.

As general guidance, the owners of animals should consider visiting an animal chiropractor in the case of the following symptoms:

Horses and other large animals:
Painful or cold backed
● Unbalanced wear hooves / shoes
● Stiffness on one rein
● Discontinuous gallop
● Changes in behavior or temperament
● Problems due to compensations (orthopedic defects, conformation, unilateral load,         improper shoeing, or saddle fitting,)
Change or a decrease in performance

                                                        Dogs and other small animals:
                                                         ● Pain when standing up
Difficulty going up/ down stairs 
Signs of discomfort when touching the spine
Reduced physical performance
Reluctance for physical activity
Stiffness or pain after activity
Lameness and other gait problems due to compensations (overweight, orthopedic defects, breeding predisposition to injury)

Stuart is a strong believer in working alongside other professionals, to ensure the best treatment for the animal, be it a Vet, Farrier, Saddler or Masseur.