McTimoney Method

The McTimoney method of chiropractic was developed by the late John McTimoney over 50 years ago and is taught only at the McTimoney College of Chiropractic in Abingdon, near Oxford. It is well known for being a precise, whole body approach, (not just treating the site of pain) to chiropractic care. The gentle nature of the McTimoney method makes it especially suitable for people and animals of all ages.

How does it work?
Stuarts understanding of the technique is that due to the speed and precision of the adjustments only light force is required (but a lot of energy). If the adjustments were performed slower then it is likely that more force would be needed, as the structures can resist what is happening. When the adjustments are performed quickly they also trigger the stretch receptors within the muscle fibers to initiate the muscle to relax. Thus allowing the vertebrae to return to its original position and move normally again.

Example of method and presentation on Chcete me (video)
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